Arrests of Civilians 30-10-2014

Jerusalem – The occupation forces arrested the father and the brother of the martyr Mu’taz Ibrahim Hijazi 32 years

Ramallah – The occupation forces arrested U’day Yahya Al-Barghouthi, 21 years, from Deir Abu Mesha’al village.

Ramallah-The occupation forces arrested Yahya Hassan Al-Khatib from Beit Rima at Jaba checkpoint.

Ramallah- The occupation forces stormed Dura Al-Qari’ town and arrested Bashir Abed Mohamed Mokhtar.

Jenin- The Israeli occupation forces arrested the youth Aseid Haitham Abu Zeina (24 years), after raiding his family’s home, searching it and tampering with its contents in Jenin refugee camp.

Salfeit- The Israeli occupation forces arrested five citizens from Qarawa Bani Hassan town after raiding their homes, they are: the Majd Assi, Laith Adnan Shqila, Hatem Ali Rayyan, Mohammed Rashid Rayyan and Ahmed Mohammed Rayyan.

Nablus- The occupation forces arrested Sameh Ghalib Bani Odeh from A’qraba.

Bethlehem – An Israeli special force kidnapped the youth Shahab Ad-Din Ahmed At-Titi from Al-A’rroub camp, while he was in Beit Jala town.

Hebron- The Israeli forces arrested the released prisoner Mahmoud Mohammed Hassan An-Nmorah 24 years,

Hebron- The Israeli occupation forces arrested the child (Mohammad Idrees) near Hebron Elementary School.

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