Occupation Arrested More Than (6500) Palestinians During 2018

Human rights reports revealed that Israeli forces arrested in 2018 at least (6500) Palestinians, including (1080) children and (133) women.

The reports said that occupation arrested during 2018 (6) MPs and (7) journalists, while issued (912) administrative orders.

These reports also indicated that occupation continued in 2018 the policy of arbitrary arrests against Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian lands. The number of prisoners reached (5700) prisoner until 2018, including (230) children, (55) women, (500) administrative prisoner, (19) journalists, (8) MPs, (700) patients, (27) were arrested before Oslo accords in 1993.

The reports said that Jerusalem’s citizens were also vulnerable to arrests, where there were 1500 arrested Palestinians, including (400) children and (60) women.

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