In The 21th Century, The State of Occupation Launches the Street of “Apartheid”

Street No. “4370” or the street of “Apartheid”, links the settlement of “Givat Bynjamin” and the settlement of “Adam” with street No. “1” or “Tel Aviv 0 Jerusalem” street. It is located between the “French Hill” and the tunnel leading to the mountain of Masharef.

The state of occupation announced the launch of the street on Thursday 10-1-2019. It divides with its length a wall that is about 8 meters, in the purpose of separating between Palestinians and Israeli settlers, and prevents Palestinians from reaching the occupied Jerusalem.

The establishment of “Apartheid” street is a step toward implementing the settlement expansionist project known is E1 project, which separates north and middle of the West Bank. It also serves settlement Jewish purposes and links a number of settlements in occupied Jerusalem. It is another example of the racial discrimination in occupied Palestine by the state of occupation which claims “democracy”.

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