In continuation of Settlement Policy, Right-wing Ministers Vow to Settle Two Million Settlers in the Occupied West Bank

A large number of MK members, and ministers from Likud party and other right-wing parties, signed a document vowing to support settlement, and to build new settlements in the West Bank. According to Israel Hayoum newspaper, the talk is about a document initiated by the settlement movement of “Nahla”, aiming to collect promises by ministers and mk members in order to settle more than two million settlers in the West Bank. Among the ministers signing on the document are the following:

  1. Knesset chief “Yoli Adleshtine”
  2. Minister “Yesrael Katz”
  3. Minister “Yrev Livin”
  4. Minister “Zaef Alkin”
  5. Minister “Jilaad Ardan”
  6. Minister “Elyat Shaked”
  7. Minister “Neftalle Benet”
  8. Minister “Mary Regev”
  9. Minister “Ayoub Qara”
  10. Minister “Youav Galant”

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