Arrests of Civilians 20-10-2014

Jenin- Israeli occupations forces erected a checkpoint at Sanour town junction and arrested Fathi Ramsi Jarar 27-year-old. Israeli occupations forces also erected another checkpoint at Series town street.

Bethlehem- Israeli occupations forces stormed the town of Taqou’ and arrested Saber Rebhi Amour 20-year-old. Israeli occupations forces also stormed the town of Khader and arrested Maher Mohammed Ahmad Ghneem 24-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli occupations forces stormed the Fuwar refugee camp and arrested Mustafa Abed al-Qader Abu Awwad 60-year-old and his son Ihab Abu Awwad 21-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli occupations forces arrested Ameer Mohammed Yousef Awad 16-year-old while he was working at his family’s land near the settlement of “Karmi Tsour” at the lands of Beet Ummar town.

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