Video – (Anat Cohen) A model of daily settler terrorism in Hebron

The terrorist settler “Anat Cohen” is an example of daily settler terrorism in occupied Hebron, as she attacks children, women, solidarity activists, activists and visitors under the protection of the Israeli army and police.

Cohen lives in Dabuya settlement (Beit Hadassah), which was occupied in 1979, and is known by the residents and activists for her violence and her special relationship with the occupation soldiers. Cohen occupies part of the Dweik family house in Shuhada Street and the rest of her home belongs to Adais family.

“Anat Cohen is married to Ronin Cohen and she has 13 children, she boasts of their number. She encourages the settler women to increase birth in order to occupy the land and to achieve victory in the demographic war against the Palestinians. She is the daughter of the terrorist Moshe Zar, a former member of the Zionist underground organization founded by “Gush Emunim” which in turn calls for the expulsion of the Palestinians by force, and the demolition of al-Aqsa Mosque to build the Temple.

Anat Cohen is famous for breaking cameras, stealing telephones and destroying property, and is constantly present in the vicinity of Shuhada Street and Tel Rumeida.

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