Arrests of Civilians – 28-08-2014

Jerusalem – The occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner Anaam Mohammed Saleh Klambo 45 years old, after breaking in her house in the old town of Jerusalem, accusing her of participating in a demonstration celebrating the end of war on Gaza.

Ramallah – The occupation forces arrested Fidaa Soleman 22 years old, on “Modaeen” checkpoint, it also arrested Othman Asaad and Mahmoud Albzoor from Bettello after raiding their homes in the village.

Ramallah – Occupation forces arrested 5 citizens who work in Modaeen settlement they are: Naseem Aatif Shlaldeh, Mohammed Khaleel Shlaldeh, Hakam Azmi Shlaldeh, Hamzeh Azmi Shlaldeh, Ahmad Azmi Shlaldeh, and Ahmad Yousif Shlaldeh.

Nablus – The occupation forces arrested Ghassan Najjar , after raiding his home in Boreen.

Tulkarem – The occupation forces raided Tulkarim city and arrested: Akram Essam Hussien Qaadan 29 years old, Samer Kmal Fakhouri28, Abdu Elbasit Essam Shreteh23 years old, Qassam Ryad Bdeer 26 years old, and Amgad aAbu Safaqah.

Bethlehem – The occupation forces arrested Mohammad Hisham Derieh 19 years old, and Emad Ibrahim Derieh 23 years old after raiding their homes in Biet Fajjar.

Hebron – The occupation forces raided Hebron city and arrested Hussam Zgheer , Adham Abu Hadeed, also raided Yatta town and arrested Ali Khalid Mohammed Morr 28 years old.

Hebron – The occupation forces arrested a young guy from hebron accusing him of establishing a page on facebook under the name of “Hebron Intifada”.

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