Occupation Government Funds the Return of Settlers to the Evacuated Settlement of “Homesh” with Millions of Shekels

Haaretz newspaper said that ministry of education transferred millions of Shekels to a settlement society in the occupied West Bank, that is active in supporting illegal outpost known as “Homesh Yeshiva” in the north of the West Bank, established near the settlement of Homesh that was evacuated in 2005 as part of Israel’s disengagement plan.

The financial reports issued by the organization of Midreshet Ma’amakim, which has been active since 12 years, stated that the balance of the society reach 13 million Shekels in 2017.

According to reports, The Education Ministry has funded its operations to the tune of millions of shekels annually. in 2016,  the Education Ministry allocated some more than 7 million shekels to the favor of society in 2017, while transferring 6.2 million shekels to the society in 2014 and in 2015.

The ministry acknowledged that it funds educational institutions in the settlements, while affirmed that it funds the religious school established near the settlement of Homesh.

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