Storming Districts – 28-06-2014

Tubas – The occupation forces stormed Tubas city and carried out patrols. They raided a house belonging to Samer Samih Sawafta and tampered with its contents.
Nablus – The Israeli forces stormed Yaseid, Beit Umrein and Assira As-Shamaliyya villages and carried out patrols.

Bethlehem – The Israeli forces stormed Ad-Dheisheh camp and clashes erupted between youths and the Israeli forces.

Hebron – The occupation forces raided Bani Na’eim village; they searched a number of houses and shops and confiscated cameras and recording devices. The occupation infantry and portable forces raided a number of town houses, recorded the names of their residents and their ID numbers, inspected, tampered with their contents, and confiscated cameras and recording devices. The occupation forces raided the house of the member in the municipality of Bani Naim, Mahmoud Mohammed Alhajjouj. They also raided the houses of the citizens; Fawzi Alhajjouj, Mahfouz Mohamed Rabie Alhajjouj, Abd Rasheed Jabr Humidat and his brother Ali, Ismail Musa Khalil Humidat, Mahmood, Majid, Riyad and Badawi Humidatand, Sahir Al-Khdur, Amein Al-Manasrah and the home of the Judge Ahmed Mohammed Hajjoj in the pretext of searching for the three missing settlers since 17 days.

Hebron – The occupation forces stormed Beit Kahil village and raided the headquarters of the village council during its official weekly meeting, and confiscated files from the computers of the Board. The occupation tried to confiscate computers and surveillance equipment, but the intervention of members of the Board prevented that, but they copied the files on the tablets devices.

Hebron – The Israeli forces raided the Al-Bayid factory for Cooling, Bayit Al-Munih Foundation for food and a shoe-factory, and the house of Imad Brioche, in the village of Beit Kahil, and confiscated surveillance equipment and files.

Hebron – The Israeli forces stormed At-Thahriyya town and carried out patrol.

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