Israeli deputy minister involved in kidnapping a pregnant woman and trading her baby

An Israeli court on Wednesday, July 7, 2017, released part of the details of an investigation into the case of “human trafficking”. According to information, a mentally ill woman who lives in a town in northern Israel was abducted  and taken to the United States, while she was eight months

pregnant, in order to trade her fetus.

The woman underwent a caesarean operation in the United States and her child, whom she had not seen until now, was taken to a haredi couple who had adopted him. the child is 3 years old now.

The Walla website reported that a deputy minister in the Israeli government and a number of Knesset members bailed one of  those involved in the case.

A panel of three judges in the Supreme Court, headed by the President of the Court, Judge Esther Hayout, wrote that :”this is a troubling issue, and the hidden is more than the  exposed”

Israeli media reported that those involved in the case were Haredi. a woman familiar with the case said:  “This is a miserable woman, and it is unbelievable that they have not returned the child to her so far arguing that they have not found him”.

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