British Middle East Eye: Israel made its Arab citizens a scapegoat for the Coronavirus

The British newspaper said that Palestinian citizens of Israel are being portrayed as a threat to the health and life of Jews, and this is a continuation of the old rhetoric that depicts them as a fifth column and illegal citizens. Consequently, Palestinian citizens became a scapegoat, blamed for the spread of the virus in Israel.

Israel’s response to the spread of Corona pandemic reflects the deliberate disregard for Palestinian life on the basis of the ethnic hierarchy between Jews and Palestinians, although the representation of Palestinians in the health sector is high, with Palestinian doctors in Israel accounting for 17% who are in the front lines in the battle against corona virus and put their lives at stake to protect all lives without distinction.

The newspaper adds: Israel only provided 5% of the total Corona virus testing for Palestinians in Israel, as 6,479 tests were conducted for Arabs in Israel as of Sunday, a figure roughly equivalent to the average daily test rate for Jews despite the fact that Palestinians make up one fifth of the population in Israel.

The newspaper says there is increasing criticism of Israel’s neglect of its Palestinian citizens, and this is further evidence of Israel’s discriminatory policies. Only Jewish life is important, but the Palestinians can be got rid of. This logic is flawed and shameful, especially in the times of the pandemic.


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