Arrests of Civilians 09-11-2014

Jerusalem – The occupation forces stormed Ar-Ram town and arrested Rami Abu Assab 14 years, they also stormed At-Thuri neighborhood in Silwan and raided a number of houses, stores and shops and arrested Sufian Ghaith, 22 years.

Jerusalem- The occupation forces spreaded in the streets, alleys and neighborhoods of Silwan and arrested Hamza Al-Joulani 31 years, and Bilal Al-Joulani, 20 years.

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces arrested four youths from Shuafat neighborhood, they also arrested from the same neighborhood Faris A’wad Allah and Ahmed Yousef Abu Khudair.

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces stormed Al-Maqasid hospital and arrested Amru Abu Al-Hawa and Ahmed Khwis.

Jerusalem- The Israeli police arrested the two children Hussam Ghuneim (14) years, and Ahmad Abu Sbih (14) years, after raiding their homes in the old city.

Ramallah – The occupation forces stormed Al-Jalazoun camp and arrested Muntasir Hisham Nassif, 19 years, and handed over a notification to a citizen review the intelligence.

Nablus – The occupation forces stormed Kafr Qleil village and raided the house of Nawaf Al-A’amer, inspected it and wreaked its havoc, and arrested his son Ibrahim, a lawyer, confiscated his camera and his own cell phone and a sum of money.

Hebron – The occupation forces arrested Mohammed Ziad Ja’afrih from Tarqumiya town, he suffers psychiatric illness.

Hebron- The occupation forces arrested Suhayb Mahmud As-Shubaki from Beit Ummar town.

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