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Israeli Occupation executes a handicap young man in Jerusalem

On May 30, 2020, the occupation police opened fire at the 32-year-old Palestinian handicap Iyad Khairi Rouhi Al-Hallaq, on Al-Mujahideen road at Bab Al-Asbat in the Old City in the occupied Jerusalem, despite not posing any threat to them.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man Al-Hallaq was wounded by several bullets, and remained lying on the ground bleeding without providing him with any medical assistance, despite the fact that he had not posed any threat to the lives of the Israeli police.

The Hebrew media claimed that the soldiers shot a Palestinian whom they suspected was armed, and after examination it was found that he had no weapons.

A State Above Law

Some newspapers have highlighted Iyad’s martyrdom in its headlines, such as the Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad, which says: “Despite handicap, Iyad was shot dead on the thresholds of Al-Aqsa.” The newspaper added: “Iyad al-Hallaq, a child with his behaviors, because he has a disability – he suffers from autism. His mother said, ‘Iyad is an angel, not a human being, so how can they kill him in cold blood?’

The nurse Wardah Abu Hadid, who is responsible for the care of the martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq, revealed the details of his execution by the occupation soldiers, she said that she repeated to the Israeli soldiers that “he is disabled”, before they opened fire at him, stressing that the soldiers did not respond to her, according to the British Guardian newspaper. Nurse Abu Hadid added, that the occupation soldiers shouted at Iyad, who suffered from autism, and he escaped between garbage baskets, indicating that she wanted to clarify the matter to the soldiers, but they did not respond to her.

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