Injuries of Civilians – 13-07-2014

IOF attacked people in the town of Abu Dia by metal bullets and tear gas canisters. During the aggression, Adam Hashem Oriqat was shot in the head.
IOF attacked citizens at Qalandia military checkpoint. Mohammad Abu Esha was injured by a metal bullet.
IOF set fire to olive trees in the village of Barta al-Sharqya to the south of Jenin, causing clashes with the young people in the town. Many citizens suffered suffocation during the aggression.
Five Palestinian citizens were injured after IOF attacked them at Qobat Raheel.
IOF attacked people at Beet Ummar town. IOF also arrested Hassan Jawabrah from Arroub refugee camp. They also attacked people at Halhoul bridge, Wadi al-Jouz, Izna and Yatta where a number of citizens were injued, they are: Blal Hani Shaheen, Mohammad Ali Obid, Mohammad Adel Fheli and Saleh Mohammad Jdee.

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