Injuries of Civilians – 18-07-2014

The youth Rawhi Mohammed Sa’eid I’mran, from Biddu village, northwest of Jerusalem, was injured during clashes with the Israeli forces, on Friday afternoon. A mass march started from the front of the old mosque of Biddu towards “Givat Hardar” settlement that is built on Beit Surik and Biddu lands, northwest of the occupied Jerusalem. The protesters carried Palestinian flags and banners of the destruction and killings scenes in Gaza Strip. As soon as the march arrived in the entrance to the settlement; the soldiers of the ‘border guards’ started to open fire, tear gas canisters heavily, and rubber and metal bullets, demonstrators responded by throwing stones at troops.
The Imam of Al Aqsa Mosque, As-Sheikh Omar Kisswani, was injured with a rubber-coated metal bullet during the attack of special units on the Al-Aqsa Mosque worshipers after storming it broadly from Al-Mughrabi Gate. The occupation forces, immediately after storming, started to fire a barrage of stun grenades, incendiary and toxic tear gas and rubber bullets towards the worshipers; wounding a number of worshipers, known of them; Saadi Abu Sunaina, in addition to the injury of one of the youths directly in his eye. Hundreds of citizens performed Friday prayers, the third Friday of Ramadan, in the streets and roads nearby and adjacent to the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem after the decision of the occupation to close the mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem for those who are under the age of fifty years for the third Friday consecutively.
Violent clashes broke out between the Israeli forces and the youths from A’yn Al-loza area in Silwan, as the Israeli occupation forces fired bullets and tear gas.
Violent clashes broke out between the Israeli forces and the youths from Qalandia refugee camp as the Israeli occupation forces fired bullets and tear gas.
A boy was injured when the occupation forces suppressed the weekly peaceful march of An-Naby Salih village against settlement and land confiscation for “Halmeish” settlement that is built by force on the lands of the village and the nearby towns. The occupation forces targeted the demonstrators with tear gas and metal and rubber bullets which led to the injury of a child by a rubber bullet in his hand, and dozens with suffocation.
Clashes between dozens of angry people for the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the Israeli occupation forces near the Military prison of O’fer. The Israeli forces fired gas canisters towards the youths who threw stones against the soldiers in condemnation of the war and the aggression of the occupation state against our people in Gaza Strip.
The citizen Ashraf Al-Khatib was injured with a rubber bullet in his foot. The member of the Popular Committee for resisting the Barrier and settlement, Mohammad Al-Khatib, and the Israeli activist Shai Bulak when the Israeli forces suppressed the weekly peaceful march of Bale’in village.
The occupation forces suppressed Al-Ma’sara weekly peaceful march against the Barrier and settlement and in condemnation of the aggressive war on Gaza Strip. The occupation forces attacked the participants and prevented them from reaching the site of the barrier construction.

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