Arrests of Civilians 30-09-2014

Ramallah- Israeli occupation forces raided al-Jalazoun refugee camp and arrested the citizens Mahmoud Abed al-Fatah Mohammed and Ma’en Hasan Baleesh.

Bethlehem- Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Housan and arrested the town citizens Mos’ab Ibrahim Nassar 25-year-old and Mahmoud Khalaf Zaoul 20-year-old. They also stormed the area of Solomon’s Pools and arrested ex-detainee Ohman Joma’a Salah 34-year-old.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces raided the Aroub refugee camp and arrested the citizens: Ahmad Yousef Abu Nasif, Nayef Nayef Badawi and Tareq Abu Shama’a. Israeli occupation forces also raided the town of Dir Samet and arrested Izz al-Din Jaber al-Hroub 19-year-old and sent him into unknown destination.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces arrested Kayed Mohammed Namoura and handed his two brothers Mohammed and Khaled notices to review Israeli intelligence.

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