Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Land From (23-7-2020) to (28-7-2020)

Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Land

From (23-7-2020) to (28-7-2020)


Israeli hostile occupation forces continued its systematic crimes and violations against civilian Palestinians and their properties, including storming Palestinian cities using excessive force, as well as raids, arrests and abuses against Palestinians. Since it declared its plan to annex the West Bank lands, including Jerusalem, occupation forces have rapidly continued demolitions and land leveling, as well as establishing new settlement roads.


  • (3) Palestinians, including a child, were wounded while occupation forces were suppressing a protest in the area of Kofr Qadoum in Qalqilia.
  • Occupation army opened fire (4) times against Palestinian fishermen boats, and one time toward agricultural land, to the west and east of the Gaza Strip.
  • Occupation forces arrested (52) Palestinians, including (12) women and children.
  • Occupation forces demolished 3 stores and 5 barracks owned by Palestinians in the occupied Jerusalem. They also delivered 6 demolition orders and stop-work notices.
  • Settler gangs burned a mosque in the city of Al-Beerah, attacked a quarry, and burned two machineries in Nablus.
  • Occupation forces erected (30) barriers between cities and towns of the West Bank, hindering movement of Palestinians.

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