Arrests 29-11-2015

Jerusalem: Israeli forces stormed on Sunday at dawn, the home of the martyr Shadi Al-Khseib, located in Bir Nabala, north-west of Jerusalem and searched the house thoroughly, broke the doors and surveyed the house in preparation for demolition.
Hebron: Israeli forces arrested today, five citizens from Beit Awwa, Dura and Beit Ummar towns in Hebron. Sources reported that the occupation forces arrested from Beit Awwa, southwest of Hebron, Mohammed Azmi Suwayti and Muath Manna’ Masalmih, and arrested the two brothers Mohammed and Ayman Walid Masharaqah from Dura.
Nablus: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Sunday at dawn, Mohammed Mahmoud Fashafshih (33 years) from Nablus after storming his house and tampering with its contents.
Tulkarem: Israeli soldiers arrested, on Saturday evening, the child Ismail Khalil U’tair, 15 years, from Faru’on town, south of Tulkarem, after raiding his family’s home.

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