Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (From 29-7-2020 to 12-8-2020)

Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

(From 29-7-2020 to 12-8-2020)


Israeli hostile occupation forces continued its systematic violations and crimes against civilian Palestinians and their properties, including raiding Palestinian cities. During such raids, occupation forces use excessive force, storming, arrests, abuses against people. These violations have not stopped during Al-Eid days which celebrated by Muslims.


  • A Palestinian woman was martyred and (19) others were wounded, including two paramedics, in the West Bank, by Israeli occupation fire.
  • (9) injuries were reported during Israeli occupation army suppression against protests in Kofr Qadoum area in Qalqilia. Other (7) injuries were reported, including two paramedics, during an Israeli attack on a protest in the town of Tormos Aya, north of Ramallah. In addition, two injuries were reported in Nablus and Tulkarm.
  • Israeli occupation forces arrested (160) citizens, including (9) children and (4) women, in (176) incursions in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.
  • Occupation tightens its siege and closes the only commercial crossing of Gaza, and reduces fishing space in Gaza sea to 8 nautical miles.
  • Occupation airplanes launch several raids on the Gaza Strip.
  • Occupation demolishes (11) Palestinian houses, including (7) self-demolished in the occupied Jerusalem. Occupation also delivered demolition and stop-work notices in the West Bank.
  • Occupation army confiscated 4 bulldozers and 3 water pumps owned by Palestinians. They also took over an agricultural land, and razed another in the occupied West Bank.
  • As a result of terrorist operations committed by settler gangs, 3 brothers were wounded in Hebron: a woman and two children. Settlers also set fire to two vehicles.
  • Occupation forces erected (57) military checkpoints between cities and towns of the West Bank, hindering natural movement of Palestinians.

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