Images  of the occupation army attacking the Palestine Medical compound Hospital, wounding a pregnant woman and a medic

The Israeli occupation army raided the medical compound on Sunday 27-12-2020 around 4:30 am, and fired bullets and tear gas canisters inside the compound, which led to two injuries with rubber bullets, in addition to cases of suffocation and panic among the patients, especially children, also lead to damage to An ambulance inside the compound.

What increased the seriousness of the situation was the patients suffering from the Covid19-  virus being treated in a department designated for them, stressing that their lives were in imminent danger as a result of the tear gas canisters fired inside the compound.

As a result of this violation, patients and women in the maternity department lived a terrifying night in every sense of the word due to the sounds of bullets, stun grenades and tear gas fired towards the medical compound.

This serious assault on the sanctity of the hospital, and the injuring of patients requires urgent international intervention and accountability of the Israeli occupation state for its crime, and its violation of international law and human rights law, which provides protection for patients, medical staff, health centers and hospitals.

This is the second attack carried out by the Israeli occupation forces on hospitals within two days, as Al-Durrah Hospital in the Gaza Strip was damaged by Israeli shelling, which resulted in the injury of dozens of sick children and their companions, in addition to the  damage of the hospital contents.

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