Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territory From (04-02-2020 – 10 -02-2021)

Weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territory

From (04-02-2020 – 10 -02-2021)


The Israeli military occupation forces continued to commit their compound crimes and violations against Palestinian civilians and their property, by storming Palestinian cities using excessive force and carrying out raids, arrests and acts of abuse against citizens. Most of which were mainly during night and dawn resulting in more terror against civilians.


  • A Palestinian was martyred by an Israeli settler guard of a settlement in Jabal Raysan in Ramallah.
  • (19) Palestinians, including (6) children, were wounded in an excessive use of force by the army of the occupation in the West Bank.
  • The occupation army fired (4) times towards the agricultural lands and twice towards the fishermen’s boats, east and west of Gaza Strip.
  • The Occupation Army arrested (95) Palestinians, including (7) children.
  • The occupation army demolished two houses and destroyed (21) residential tents, (11) barracks and a sheep yard and levelled (4) water pools and (3) wells in the occupied West Bank.
  • Settler gangs’ attacks continued in the occupied West Bank, and a settler attacks the Romanian Orthodox Church in occupied East Jerusalem.
  • In the policy of collective punishment, the occupation army blew up the house of a Palestinian from Jenin who is detained in the occupation prisons.

The occupation army set up (69) sudden military checkpoints between the cities and towns of the West Bank, which hindered the natural movement of Palestinians between the governorates of the occupied West Bank.

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