Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories From (11-2-2021) to (17-2-2021)

Weekly Report on Israeli Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

From (11-2-2021) to (17-2-2021)


Israeli hostile Israeli occupation has continued its systematic crimes and violations against Palestinian civilians and their properties, including storming cities, using excessive force, raids, arrests and abuses against citizens. Such practices were committed in particular during night and dawn time, which extensively horrified civilians.


  • A Palestinian female died of heart attack after occupation forces violently stormed her house in Nablus.
  • (19) Palestinians were wounded by excessive force in the West Bank.
  • Israeli occupation forces raided the Gaza Strip two times, and opened fire two times toward Palestinian fishing boats north of Gaza.
  • Israeli occupation forces arrested (71) Palestinians including (13) children and women, in (106) raids in the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem.
  • Israeli occupation forces issued demolition notices of (20) houses in Nablus and Bethlehem, and self-destruction notices of (5) facilities, as well as notices of evacuations in East Jerusalem.
  • Israeli occupation forces still impede access of Coronavirus vaccines to the Gaza Strip for two days.
  • Israeli occupation forces erected (62) flying military checkpoints between towns and cities of the occupied West Bank, hindering movement of Palestinians between towns and villages of the occupied West Bank.

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