Arrests 12-12-2015

Jenin: Israeli occupation forces arrested yesterday evening, five children from Al-Yamoun, they are; Suhaib Sami Houshyya (15 years), Fursan Rawhi Houshyya (17 years), Kamal Fawzi Abu Sefein (16 years), Uday Mohammed Houshyya (15 years) and Mohammed Wa’il Houshyya (16 years) as they were in their agricultural land, adjacent to annexation, expansion and racial wall. They transferred them to ‘Ariel’ settlement, built on the territory of Salfit.
Qalqilya: Israeli forces arrested the two citizens Malik Salih Al-Aqra’ and Ziyad Nasser Nofal as they were near the annexation, racial and expansion wall, south of Qalqilya.

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