Israeli occupation has arrested 16 thousand Palestinian women since  An-Nakba

The occupation deliberately targeted and arrested Palestinian women since the beginning of the Palestinian revolution. The occupation has imprisoned more than 16,000 Palestinian women since 1948.

In a report issued by the Palestinian Prisoners Authority on the occasion of March 8, the day when the whole world celebrates women and appreciates and celebrates their achievements. The report clarified that the Palestinian captive women face the most severe degrees of torture and pain inside the occupation prisons in which 35 women are currently held, among them 11 mothers.

The report stated that the occupation forces are practicing inhuman and degrading measures against Palestinian women, whether by medical negligence or physical and psychological torture, as they are subjected from time to time to brutal attacks, whether by verbal abuse, shameless assault, physical assault, continuous threats, denial of family visits, judgments and high fines or deprivation of education.

In the conclusion of its report, the Prisoners’ Authority called on human rights institutions and women’s rights defenders to take action and end the suffering of Palestinian women who are in occupation prisons, stop the Israeli violence and oppression against them, and make efforts to work for their release.

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