Arrests of Civilians 19-07-2014

The occupation court extended the arrest of four men from Jerusalem: Mahmoud Abdel Latif Abu Khudair (21 years), Mohamed Abdel Latif Abu Khudair (24 years), Ahmed Mansour Abu Khudair (21 years), and Amjad Musa Rugby (26 years), until 23 July under the pretext of completing the investigation with them.

Israeli forces stormed Silat al-Harthiya town west of Jenin, and arrested Yusuf Ibrahim Odeh Zayoud (25 years), after a raid on his family home and searching and tampering with its contents.

Israeli forces arrested the released prisoner Bilal Nabil Said Diab, 26, from his home in Kufr Elra’ee town. Large forces of the Israeli army surrounded the house, searched it and raided the door after the bombing the front door, and tampered with its contents, and beat a young man before arresting him. Israeli soldiers also broke into the house of Majed Khalil Melhem next to the home of the captive Diab, tampered with its contents, and raised a state of terror and panic among women and children.

Israeli forces arrested both Mu’ath Musa, and Mu’ath Dridi, who was arrested while returning from Jordan.

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