Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked: I am proud of my party that builds settlements

According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, in a debate on the law that prevents Palestinian family unification, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked criticized Arab members of Knesset who refused to support the law and said, addressing the Arab MKs: “I am proud that my party is building settlements, a small lesson in history. You are the ones who opened the war of independence, you idiots, and were sure that you would win – but you were defeated. This is your problem and you have to bear the consequences.”

It is implicit that the Minister of Interior cannot imagine herself as an Arab for a moment. She has no any global view of equality. She exactly looks like those who could not imagine themselves as Jews, and ultimately contributed in their turn to creating disasters in modern history. But what Shaked said to the Arab representatives is not a lesson in history, but rather a lesson in moral theory.

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