Extremist Member of Knesset Itmar Ben Ghafir Inside the Knesset Urges Storming Al-Aqsa Mosque

The leader of the party “Otsma Yehudet”, extremist member of Knesset Itmar Ben Ghafir held a press conference inside the Knesset about “urging Jews to storm Al-Aqsa mosque”. The conference was also attended by other member of Knesset including (Semha Rotman), (May Golan) and other rabbis.

Itmar Ben Ghafir said that among the choices suggested as creative means to hold raids in Al-Aqsa mosque is building chairlifts starting the borders of the “Jewish area” to Al-Aqsa mosque.

Ben Ghafir said during the conference “I hope to hold more conferences in the Knesset. There is a positive trend. We watch increase of Jews who go to Al-Aqsa mosque”.

While member of Knesset Semha Rotman saod that “the entrance to Al-Aqsa mosque through Maghareba gate is temporary, we must remember that we returned to our land. The entrance to Al-Aqsa mosque must be classified properly and have a proper appearance”.

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