After the Decision to Displace it, Jerusalemite Family on the Verge of Third Nakba

Three generations of Khader family share the same destiny … Nakba and displacement from the town of Be’r Maeen lived by ancestors, then Naksa and displacement from the area of Bab al-Maghareba lived by children, then a forcible displacement being waited by 25 individuals of the family from their house in Bet Hanina town.

A state of worry of fear among the family members after receiving a decision from the department of “implementation and execution” demanding evacuation of the house within two weeks, or otherwise the occupation army would do that forcibly after the deadline.

Haj Khader sitting on his wheelchair, blocking his tears and breath for minutes to affirm his resiliency in his house, saying “if they give me millions I will not leave my house. I destroy it but will not be taken by settlers”.

As for the property, Nada Khader said “my grandmother bought the land in the fifties of the past century and built two rooms on it in the sixties”.

The worry and pain have become severe among Khader family in last Feb after the evacuation notice had been issued, when the father Abdullah suffered stroke in the court and had been transferred in to the hospital which led to hemiplegia”.

The evacuation danger threatens 25 Palestinians including ill persons and children.

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