Arrests of Civilians 09-09-2014

Jerusalem- IDF arrested Zaki Mahlous, Shaker Nasr al-Deen, Anees Ayesh and Nidal Sanoqrot.

Jenin- IDF arrested 4 children from the town of Ya’bad: Mohammad Ma’moun Amarneh 13-year-old, Ahmad Sadeq Abu Baker 14-year-old, Arafat Amro 15-year-old and Ikrima Khaled Amarneh 14-year-old.

Jenin- IDF stormed Jenin refugee camp and arrested two citizens: Issam Joma’a Abu Khaleefa 20-year-old and Ishaq Rfeeq Abu Shahla 21-year-old.

Jenin- IDF arrested Tawfeeq Rabaya’a 27-year-old from the town of Maythaloon, at al-Karamah crossing during his return from Jordan.

Jericho- IDF stormed the village of al-Ouja and arrested Murad Awwad Jaraheed and Mohammad Awad Jaraheed.

Hebron- IDF stormed the town of Saeer and arrested Mohammad Ibrahim Shalaldeh 29-year-old.

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