31 Palestinian female detainees in Israeli prisons are subjected to daily violations

The Israeli occupation authorities are still detaining 31 Palestinian female prisoners in their prisons, who are subjected to daily violations.

Itaf Jaradat (50 years), from Al-Silat Al-Harithiya town, west of Jenin, was arrested on December 27, 2021, and she is still detained in Damoun Detention Center.

I was subjected to a hard investigation, Jaradat said: “One of the most difficult scenes was the presence of my son in the cell opposite to the cell I was in. I was prevented from seeing him and talking to him, and they closed the cell window, so that I could not see him.

The female prisoners live in very difficult conditions. The occupation authorities continue to violate the rights of Palestinian women detainees in interrogation and detention centers, without taking into account their ages.

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