Arrests of Civilians 17-09-2014

Tubas- IDF arrested three citizens from the governorate of Tubas: Moneer Ibrahim Foqaha, Arabi Abu Dawas and Abed al-Ilah Amaw.

Jericho- IDF erected a military checkpoint near al-Nasareya and arrested Orabi Abu Dawas Anad Muneer Foqaha from Tubas.

Bethlehem- IDF arrested three citizens from the town of Asakrah, to the east of Bethlehem: Eid Kamel Kamel and the two brothers Atyah and Yousef Dawood Asakrah.

Hebron- IDF stormed the town of Bani Nueem and arrested Morsi Khaleel Hmeedat 24-year-old. IDF also stormed the town of Deer Samet and arrested Abed al-Hameed Abed al-Hadi Salame Sharawneh.

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