The occupation’s violations against press crews continue

The occupation army is still trying to block the truth from reaching the world by targeting Palestinian journalists, and the attached video shows the moment when the occupation soldiers directly targeted journalist crews east of Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip.

What does international humanitarian law say about the protection of journalists covering armed conflicts?

International humanitarian law stipulates that civilian journalists carrying out their missions in armed conflicts must be respected and protected from every form of intentional attack. International humanitarian law provides civilian journalists with the same protection as civilians as long as they do not participate directly in hostilities.

Article 79 of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 states:

1) Journalists who undertake dangerous professional missions in areas of armed conflict are considered civilians (…)

2) They must be protected in this capacity in accordance with the provisions of the Conventions and this right “the Protocol”, as long as they do not commit any act that harms their status as civilians (…). “

The International Commission’s Study on Customary Rules of International Humanitarian Law (2005) also indicates in its Rule 34 of Chapter 10 that:

“Civilian journalists working on professional assignments in areas of armed conflict must be respected and protected as long as they do not take a direct active part in hostilities (…)

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