Arrests of Civilians 22-09-2014

Jerusalem- IDF arrested Tareq Kord from the old city of Jerusalem.

Nablus- IDF stormed the town of Boreen and arrested Mohammed Suheel Najjar, Amro Mohsen Qados, Mahmoud Naser Asous and Abed Mash-hoor Najjar. IDF also stormed the town of Beet Foreek and arrested Saleem Muletat.

Jenin- IDF stormed the town of Zababdeh and arrested the two brothers Taha 26-year-old and Mahdi Najeh Sharqawi 27-year-old.

Jericho- IDF arrested Abed al-Jabar Bsharat from the town of Jeftlek.

Hebron- IDF stormed the town of Saeer and arrested 6 citizens: Izzat Mohammed Shalaldeh, Jehad Musa Shalaldeh, Mahmoud Hakeem Shalaldeh, Ahmad Essa Shalaldeh, Belal Aref Shalaldeh and Islam Younes.

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