Arrests of Civilians 23-09-2014

Jerusalem- A special force of IDF kidnapped Mohammed Jamal Sajdeyah from Qalandia refugee camp.

Ramallah- IDF arrested Emad Naeem Ayad from the town of Silwad.

Ramallah- IDF stormed the town of BeerZeit and arrested the student Majdi Ibrahim.

Jenin-Jenin- IDF stormed the city of Jenin and arrested Nedal Kamal Mari and Mahmoud Hethnawi.
IDF arrested Ehab Majed Saeed Nazazleh from the town of Arabeh.

Tulkarm-IDF stormed Tulkarm refugee camp and arrested Suhayb Mari, Ramzi Musa and Mohammed Talal al-Haj.

Jericho-IDF stormed the area of Aqabet Jaber and arrested Hamza Mustafa Samhouri.

Bethlehem-IDF stormed the town of Taqou’ and broke into a number of houses before arresting the citizens: Ateyah Suliman 17-year-old, Saher Khaleel Sabah 19-year-old and, Zakaria Mohammed Sabah 19-year-old. IDF also raided the Aidah refugee camp and arrested Khaled Waleed Izzah.

Hebron-IDF arrested Bashar Qawasmeh, Ther Qawasmeh, Mohammed Qawasmeh and Younes Qawasmeh.

Hebron-IDF arrested Ahmad Abouria from the Aroub refugee camp.

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