Injuries of Civilians 02-08-2014

Three youths were injured with rubber bullets during clashes that erupted in Rafat village, northwest of Jerusalem, in the wake of the funeral of the martyr U’day Nafith Jabr, 19 years, in the cemetery of the village.
Two citizens from Ya’bad town were injured with rubber-coated metal bullets, and dozens suffered from suffocation during clashes with Israeli forces, when the Israeli forces stormed the town amid intensive metal bullets, sound bombs and tear gas, which targeted random homes and shops. The occupation forces provocative practices led to clashes with the young men who threw stones and empty bottles towards the Israeli soldiers.
Ten people suffered from suffocation in clashes with the occupation forces in Deir Salah village, east of Bethlehem. These clashes erupted in Al-Jisr area. The soldiers fired metal bullets, tear gas and sound bombs, injuring ten young men with suffocation due to gas inhalation.

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