Arrests of Civilians 19-10-2014

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces arrested a child at the age of 13 years, at Jaba’ military checkpoint.

Jerusalem- The occupation forces suppressed a number of citizens in Bab as-Silsila neighborhood in old Jerusalem, At-Tur town and Shu’fat refugee camp. The troops used rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the youths, and arrested four youths, known of them the youth Hamza Khalaf who was wounded in the head after he was attacked by the troops, and the youth Muhammad Sharha and two of his relatives. In At-Tur town the troops arrested the boy Ibrahim Al-Hidrih during clashes in the town.

Jerusalem- The occupation police arrested a Jerusalemite child from Al Aqsa Mosque under the pretext of throwing stones at settlers who stormed the mosque.

Jenin- The Israeli forces arrested a young man from Sanur village. The Israeli forces arrested the youth Fathi Rasmi Jarrar (27 years), at a sudden military checkpoint erected at the village junction.

Qalqilia- The Israeli occupation forces stormed Qalqilia and arrested Nidal Mahmoud Al-Jaber 30 a year, after searching his home.

Qalqilia- The Israeli forces arrested the citizen Fa’iq Abed Al-Aziz Hannun from of An-Nabi Elias near the mosque.

Qalqilia- The Israeli forces arrested the youth Ahmed Ali Radwan (20 years), when he was taking part in the olive harvest with his family in Azzun town.
 The Israeli forces arrested two citizens from Husan village, they are Magdi Hamamrah and Nasri Hamamrah, they were arrested from their homes. Bethlehem
 The Israeli forces arrested each of Mahmoud Badir Ahmed Khlayyil, Ziad Badir Ahmed Khlayyil and Mohammed I’ed A’wad from Beit Ummar, and Suhaib Ali Shukri Junaid and Anas Ratib Dweik from Hebron, and Hazem A’aqil Diab Hajjuj, Amr Diab Ali Hajjuj and Mamoun Ali Diab Hajjuj from Bani Naim. Hebron

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