Arrests of Civilians 03-11-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces carried out demolitions of Palestinian houses in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and arrested Mohannad Asa’ad, Tawfeeq Daheem, Wseem Srour, Nour Olyan, Khaled Olyan, Belal Abu al-Hawa, Bahaa Abu el-Hawa, Mohammad Abu el-Hawa, Mahmoud Obeid, Mohammad Abu Dalo, Zakrya Herbawi, Mo’taz Kalhasi, Mahmoud Zoghol, Mohammad Jad, Mohammad andes, Ahmad Razm and Besan Ouri.

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces arrested Ameen Joulani after cutting off electricity. Soldiers also arrested ex-detainee Mahmoud Jaber from the Shufat refugee camp in Jerusalem.

Jenin- Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Jalama and arrested the woman Yasmeen Abed al-Rahman Sha’ban 31-year-old, who is a mother of 4 children.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces arrested Mo’taz Tayseer Natshe from Hebron and Raed Abed al-Afow from the town of Beet Ola.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces arrested Mahmoud Mohammad Mosleh Awad 26-year-old while attending session of one of his relatives in the court of Ofar.

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