Arrests of Civilians 06-11-2014

Tulkarem- The Israeli forces detained the head of the wall and settlements Board, Ziad Abu E’in.

Nablus- The Israeli forces arrested six youths from Madama and Burin villages in Nablus governorate. They are: Sulaiman Dawud Qadus, 18 years, Ahmad Jamal Al-Qatt and Hani Omar Al-Qatt.

Jenin- The Israeli forces arrested three citizens from Ya’bad town in Jenin, they are: Khaled Fathi Abed Allah Abu Bakr, Mahdi Wasfi Hamarsheh and Yahya Wasfi Hamarsheh.

Salfeit -The Israeli forces arrested the citizen Thaer A’amir from Masha village, west of Salfeit.

Bethlehem -The Israeli forces arrested each of Muhannad Musa Al-Khmur, 22 years, U’day Ad-Dibis, 24 years, from Dheisheh Camp.

Hebron – The Israeli occupation forces arrested Dr. Ahmed Abu Saleh, representative of the Prisoners’ Club in Turkey from his home in Hebron city.

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