Curfew 09-11-2014

Ramallah- The occupation forces stormed Bitunia town and A’boud village and fired towards the students and teachers at the school of the village and prevented them from entering to the school.

Ramallah- The occupation forces stormed Al-Jalazoun camp.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces stormed Battir village, raided a number of houses and inspected them. They delivered notifications to three boys, they are: Khalil Abed Mua’mmar, 15 years, Khalil Tahir Mua’mmar, 16 years, and Ali Mohammed A’wina, 17 years to review its intelligence in ‘Gush Etzion’ settlement complex, they also handed over notifications to the citizens: Ali Ahmed Talib Taqatqa 25 years, from Umm Salmuna village, and Ahmed Mohammed Taqatqa from Beit Fajjar town to review intelligence.

Hebron -The occupation forces stormed Beit Ummar town and raided a house belonging to Mahmoud Mohammad Shobaki and inspected it, they also raided the house of Nasser Hassan Abu Hashem, 48 years, and handed him and his two sons, Halim, 24 years, and Hamza, 20 years, notifications to meet the Israeli intelligence in p ‘Etzion’ camp.

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