Arrests of Civilians 10-11-2014

Jerusalem- Israeli occupation forces detained four citizens: Raed Amouri, Ahmad Abu Ghrebi from the neighborhood of Suwana, Mohammad Zaidani from the neighborhood of al-Basateen in the town of Silwan and Nour Abu Znaid 17-year-old from the Shu’fat refugee camp who was severely assaulted by Israeli soldiers.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Hebron and arrested Ahmad Wadah Shehadeh 19-year-old. Israeli soldiers also stormed the town of Beit Ummar and arrested Omar Mohammad Mahmoud Bregheit 33-year-old, as well as Mohammad Abed al-Kareem Masalmeh and Meqdad Nawaf Masalmeh from the town of Beit Awwa.

Hebron- Israeli occupation forces arrested the citizen Ayman Khaleel Abed al-Fatah Sabe’ Sabarneh 21-year-old, after breaking into his house and tampering with its contents.

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