Arrests of Civilians 23-11-2014

Jerusalem- The occupation forces stormed Sur Baher and arrested each of: Muhammad Hamza Matun, and Hamza Mahmoud Hamza.

Bethlehem- The occupation forces stormed Umm Salmuna village and arrested the citizens: Ali Ahmed Taqatqa 20 years, and Mahmoud Riad Hayyan 22 years.

Hebron- The occupation forces stormed Hebron city and Dura town, and arrested both of Firas Salem Dweik, 24 years, Mohammed Fayad Zaru 21 years, and Yazan Gamal Masharqa 16 years.

Hebron- The occupation forces arrested each of Mohammed Raef Masalmah, Imad Arafat Qasrawi, and Yusuf Mohamed Salah Qasrawi, the child Mohammed Sadiq Imad Kaisi, Zia Zahdeh, and Moataz Salhab.

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