Arrests of Civilians 27-11-2014

Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation forces arrested seven citizens from Issawiya town, and Shu’fat refugee camp in the center of occupied Jerusalem, they are: Walid Awni Mahmood, Muhammad Essa Obaid and Abed Al-Qadir Dary from Issawiya town, they also arrested the brothers Ahmed and Muhammad E’wisat from Jabal Al-Mukabbir, and the youth Sha’aban Hammad from Shuafat refugee camp, as well as another young man from A’nata town held by occupation intelligence, his identity is unknown.

Jerusalem- The Israeli occupation forces arrested the child Ayman Ishaaq Abu Hadwan (13 years) from At-Thury neighborhood in Silwan in the occupied Jerusalem, and severely beat him before arresting him.

Jerusalem- The Israeli forces arrested the youth Ahmad Jaradat, near “Maale Adumim” settlement.

Jenin -The Israeli forces arrested the woman Nihal Ghannam Fayez Ghawanmeh when she was visiting her husband who is detained by the occupation in Beersheba.

Salfit – The Israeli forces arrested the youth Hussam Subhi Rasheid Dar Jaber near Haris junction.

Tulkarem – The Israeli forces arrested each of Mohammed Khalid Shakir Naifeh (19 years), Yusuf Omar Sarhan (19 years), and Nasir Asa’ad Mohammed Zaghal (24 years), after raiding their families’ homes, and they handed the youth Ziad Hijir a notification to review the Israeli intelligence.

Hebron – The occupation forces raided a number of neighborhoods in Hebron city, and Beit Ummar town; they arrested seven citizens, they are: the leader in the Popular Front Abed Al-A’lim Da’na (65 years), Sa’adi Mohammed An-Natsha, Ramadan Qafisheh, Ashraf Talal Hamed Abu Sneineh, Khaled Taysir Ar-Rajaby, Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Ikhlayyil (19 years), Mahmoud Mohamed Ikhlayyil (18 years), and Yusuf Mohamed Kamel Za’aqiq (21 years), and transferred them to an unknown destination.

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