Arrests of Civilians 30-11-2014

Jerusalem – The occupation forces arrested the released prisoner Abed Obeisan 30-year-old from Ein Louza neighborhood in Silwan town.

Jerusalem – The occupation forces arrested the child Haitham Obeid (13 years) from Issawiya village and beat him, after they broke into the village and spread out in the streets.

Nablus – The occupation forces arrested the citizen Amr Osman Shami from Rafidia area, in Nablus

Qalqiya – The occupation forces detained three people in the military zone of Mantar, north of Azzun.

Bethlehem – The occupation forces stormed Tekoa town and arrested Ahmed Khaled Amour 17 years.

Hebron- The occupation forces arrested Fathi Fakhri Akhalil, from Beit Ummar town.

Hebron -The occupation forces arrested four citizens from Sourif, they are: Abed Mohammed Othman Abu Fara, Abed al-Husni Abu Rish, Ayman Mohammed Ali Baradeah, and Muntasir Fathi Fakhri Akhalil.

Hebron -The occupation forces arrested three citizens from Al-Fawwar camp: Faris Adel Altiti, Iman Omar Khashan, and Ibrahim Yusuf Aserahin.

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