Israeli Violations Against Journalists During November

November 1, 2014. Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist Ali Dar Ali, Palestine TV correspondent, during his coverage to the confrontation erupted in the town of Silwad to the east of Ramallah. Soldiers detained him for hours then released him in the Israeli prison of “Ofer”.

November 3, 2014. Israeli soldiers prevented Reuters cameraman Adel Abu Ne’mah from covering the operation of bulldozing a farm belonging to the citizen Ahmad Asi in Jericho.

November 3, 2014. Israeli occupation forces released the journalist Baker Ibrahim Atili 28-year-old from Nablus after spending 21 months in the Israeli prisons and paying a financial fine of 10,000 Shekels.

November 5, 2014. Israeli forces arrested the cameraman Firas Jabaa in Jerusalem during raids in the city.

November 9, 2014. Israeli soldiers stormed a house belonging to the journalist Nawaf Amer in the town of Kofr Qalil, before arresting his son the lawyer Ibrahim Amer and confiscating his private camera and his son’s mobile, as well as money.

November 11, 2014. Extremist settlers threw stones toward the car of the cameraman of Pal Media, Fadi Madi, near the settlement of Ofra to the east of Ramallah.

November 14, 2014. Israeli forces injured the cameraman Haitham Khateeb during his coverage to weekly protest of Bel’een.

November 14, 2014. Israeli soldiers injured the cameraman of AP, Majdi Shtayah, during his coverage to confrontations at the checkpoint of Qalandia, north of Ramallah.

November 18, 2014. Israeli soldiers injured the cameraman of Reuters, Abed al-Raheem Quseni, during coverage of confrontations in the town of Ouref, south of Nablus.

21 November, 2014. Israeli soldiers shot the Reuters cameraman, the journalist Ma’moun Wazouz, before damaging his camera, during coverage of a peaceful demonstration in the city of Hebron.

November 21, 2014. The cameraman Mohammed Shennawi from the town of Kofr Manda was shot with a rubber bullet during coverage of confrontations erupted in the neighborhood of Jabal Mokaber in Jerusalem.

November 22, 2014. The journalist Lama Khater was shot by Israeli bullets during a demonstration in the city of Hebron.

November 23, 2014. The cameraman Abed al-Hafeez Halshamoun was shot with a rubber bullet in the leg during protest in the St. of Shuhada in Hebron.

November 23, 2014. Israeli forces arrested the cameraman Majd Ghayth after storming his house in the town of Silwan, Jerusalem.

November 25, 2014. Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist cameramen Mustafa Kahrof 22-year-old and Mohammed Qazaz 22-year-old and sent them into police station of Bab Selselah in Jerusalem, before releasing them after hours.

November 25, 2014. The Israeli “Ma’aref” group dismissed the journalist Yaser Aqbi due to argumentation erupted between him and the general director of the group after he published an article discussing the lack of asylums and sirens in the Arabian community in Naqab, Israel.

November 26, 2014. Israeli authorities detained the journalist of al-Quds TV, Majdoleen Hasouneh, at al-Karameh crossing. Soldiers then freed her after hours.

November 28, 2014. Israeli soldiers assaulted the European News Agency cameraman, Alaa Badarneh, and used him as a human shield, while suppressing the weekly protest in Kofr Qadoom, Qalqilia.

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