Arrests 5-4-2015

Bethelehm: Israeli forces arrested today morning Ahmad Ata Tayeh Huremi 25-year-old and the ex-detainee Rabee Mohammed Shamroukh from the Duheshi refugee camp.

Hebron: Israeli forces arrested Kamal Saleh Saeed Husseini 25-year-old from the city of Hebron after storming his house.

Nablus: Israeli forces arrested Udai Talal Salman 22-year-old and Ahmad Ayed Abed Rabo 21-year-old from the town of Qusein, near Nablus.

Tulkarm: Israeli forces raided Dar al-Yatim al-Arabi Society in Tulkarm city and arrested Ibrahim Salma 18-year-old.

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