Arrest of Civilians 10-10-2015

Jerusalem: The Israeli occupation forces arrested, last night, a citizen from Isawiya village, in occupied Jerusalem.
Jerusalem: Israeli forces arrested at dawn today eight Jerusalemites when they broke into several neighborhoods in Jerusalem, in Wadi Al-Joz, sources from the neighborhood reported that the occupation forces stormed some houses and arrested five young men, known of them, Nasser Jamal Siam, 19 years, and Rakan Nabil Siam (17 years), they also arrested Aseid Saeed Abouda Ghaith from Al-Wad neighborhood after assaulting him, and they arrested the child Naseim Rabei’ Ghazali, 11 years, and Mohammed Hamdan Al-Muhtasib (16 years).
Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested late yesterday evening, a boy from Harmalah village, east of Bethlehem, a security source said that Israeli forces arrested the boy Louay Isa Az- Zeer, 16 years, after storming and searching his father’s house.
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested, yesterday evening, a boy from Hebron after beating him.
Hebron: Israeli soldiers arrested, on Saturday, the child Moaz Yusuf A’lami (15 years) from Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron.

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