Arrest of Civilians 11-10-2015

Hebron: Israeli soldiers arrested, on Sunday, two citizens from Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, following the clashes that broke out in the town, known of them U’da Ahmed El Alami (20 years).
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested yesterday, three young men from the old city of Hebron, while settlers threw houses with stones and empty bottles in the same area.
Hebron: Israeli forces raided As-Sumud Wa At-Tahaddi Center that belongs to youth against settlement, in Tel Rumeida in the center of the city, and arrested the young man Muhannad Kufaisheh and took him to the settlement of Beit Hadassah ‘built on the lands of the center of Hebron.
Hebron: Israeli forces located in the vicinity of the Ibrahimi Mosque, the two girl students Sumaya Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Turki (14 years), and Hala Mujahid Talib Abu Daoud (14 years), while returning from school, they were transferred to the center of the Israeli police in the region.
Jenin: Israeli occupation forces arrested on Sunday, the youth Hasni Said Khaliliya, from Jaba’a village, south of Jenin within the territory in 1948, and tore the permits of the workers on Al-Jalama military checkpoint.
Jenin: Israeli police arrested, on Sunday, four young men from A’qqaba town, south of Jenin within the territory of the 1948 on the pretext they lacked permits.

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