Arrests 18-10-2015

Ramallah: Israeli occupation forces arrested, yesterday evening, two citizens from Ramallah, during their presence in Azzun village, east of Qalqilya.
Bethlehem: Israeli forces arrested three young men and three boys from the towns of Tekoa and Al-Khadir in Bethlehem, as a large force of occupation stormed Tekoa town, and carried out a campaign of raids and search to the homes of citizens and arrested each of Uday Izzat Amour (15 years), Qusay Amour (17 years), Muhannad Amour (15 years), Mosa Ezzat Al-Badan (27 years) and Saqr Gabriel (22 years).
Hebron: Israeli occupation forces arrested Mohammed Rashad Moussa al-Tamimi, 33 years, in Tel Rumeida neighborhood, and took him to an unknown destination.
Tubas: Israeli forces arrested the two young men Amjad Abdul Rahman Ghannam (22 years), and Qutaiba Khaled Shawish, 20 years, while crossing ‘Al Hamra’ military checkpoint”, in the Jordan Valley.
Qalqilya: Israeli forces arrested five young men from Qalqilya at dawn today, three of them were arrested in Hajja village, namely: Muhannad Basalat, Abd al-Rahim Masalha and Mahmoud Basalat, and they arrested the young man Sai’id Tamli from Qalqilya. They also arrested the released prisoner Zaid Ali U’dwan from Azzun village.

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