Arrests of Civilians 27-10-2015

Jerusalem: IOF arrested Abed al-Haleem Abu Zeyad and Ameer Shatat from the town of al-Izareyah.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Mahmoud Najajrah 19-year-old, Ibrahim Najajrah 21-year-old, Hasan Najajrah 21-year-old, Abed al-Raheem Najajrah 21-year-old, Mahmoud Najajrah 21-year-old from the town of Nahaleen.
Bethlehem: IOF arrested Mohammad Yosri Hroub 20-year-old from the town of Beet Fajar.
Hebron: IOF arrested 8 of senior Palestinian figures in Hebron: Abu Salman Hadad, Bassam Abu Esha, Zeyad Abu Haleel, Abu Hani Atrash, Mohammad Bakri, Ayed Rjoub, Zuheer Bayed.
Hebron: IOF arrested Hatem Abed al-Aziz Oreqat 17-year-old and Nora 21-year-old from Hebron.
Hebron: IOF arrested two of al-Ibrahimi mosque guards Salah Jaabari and Jehad ZXaid Jaabari.
Hebron: IOF arrested Majd Wael Ajlouni 20-year-old, Rani Jehad Naeem 18-year-old, Naeem Abed al-Raheem Rajabi 37-year-old, Jalal Robeen Shweki 23-year-old.
Hebron: IOF arrested Nabeel Hamad Abu Maria 30-year-old, Mahab Ibrahim Issa 21-year-old, Mohammed Ayesh Abu Mariah 17-year-old, Moayad Khaleel Abu Mariah 15-year-old.
Nablus: IOF arrested Ameer Mofeed Foqaha, Ibrahim Sobhe Naser from the town of Deer Sharaf.
Jenin: IOF arrested Ahmad Majd Amaren 22-year-old and Ahmad Izz al-Deen Amarneh from the town of Yaabad.
Jenin: IOF arrested Mazen al-Saadi and Ahmad Jaradat from the Jenin refugee camp.
Tulkarm: IOF arrested Saif Murshed Hawawrah 21-year-old, Ahmad Abas 20-year-old, Ahmad Naser Darbi 20-year-old and Mohammad Jehad Qarariah.

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