Arrests 01-12-2015

Ramallah: IOF arrested Mohammad Yaser Bahash.
Jenin: IOF arrested Islam Ali Azayzah 22-year-old, Loay Bali 19-year-old and Tamer Nashrati 19-year-old.
Qalqilia: IOF arrested Anas Zeyad Bakeer 31-year-old from the town of Azoun.
Hebron: IOF arrested Diana Ismael Rajabi from Hebrob after detaining her.
Hebron: IOF arrested Samer and Saer Adnan Slhab 18-20-year-old and the brothers Hussam and Sadeq Zaloum. They also arrested Rami Hesham Shareef after raiding his house.
Hebron: IOF arrested Ayman Ayesh Mohammad Ayesh 18-year-old, Anas and Adham Mohammad Khaleel, Kayed Ibrahim Rabai 22-year-old and Mohammad Khaled Abdullah 27-year-old.

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